Self-care is a millennial word, a gen X word, and a phrase that embodies a beautiful practice. It’s also a word that gets tossed around on yoga retreats in Sedona and through social media influencers telling us how we too, can engage in the ritual self-care. Don’t let the practice of self-care become diluted. Learn how Londyn Artist fosters self-care through their at-home beauty services.

Don’t let your self-care become diluted.

Self-care can easily become overwhelming as you’re crossing t’s and dotting i’s between meal prepping and forcing yourself to stick to your morning ritual of burning incense and setting intentions. Oftentimes, self-care is diluted to distractions and obligations, and it naturally can lose its charm.

What does healthy self-care look like?

Self-care is distilled to putting your needs first and showing up authentically and in your power, to then benefit and serve better those around you. People can scoff at self-care and indulge in it being selfish, but self-care is the greatest act of loving and caring to those around you. When you’re refreshed, alive, and inspired, people can’t help but take notice. But, self-care is also not this whimsical, ethereal practice — it’s not all sprinkled doughnuts and diffusing a lavender essential oil. It’s not escapism — escaping into the bath or sweating it out in a spin class — it’s creating a life that you want to be present in and not escape from. Self-care is doing the hard work, exploring both your shadows and your light and then building a plan. It’s embracing the messy. The messy conversations and letting the dishes go unfinished. It’s not polished. It’s not to always “treat yo’self” but carving a path to long-term health and wellness.

Where do Londyn Artistry’s beauty services at home come in?

If you’re finding that in your self-care evolution you’re saying no to more things to make room for things that you unequivocally want to say yes to, great! At Londyn Artistry, we are your glam squad and beauty and wellness on-demand! When you turn down a night out on the town because you just want to veg out in sweats, drink vino, and relax with your girls, Londyn Artistry can arrange that.

There is no longer the need to spend your non-renewable resource — your time — rushing after work to a nail and hair appointment, only to have to find and pay for parking and then try to relax. This situation is exciting and adds stress to your already stressful life. Schedule with us, and we’ll drive out with our mobile beauty services and treat you and your squad! It’s working through life with those you trust, while taking time out for yourself. It’s not escaping, it’s engaging.

Londyn Artistry

If you’re ready to say no to things that don’t serve you and yes to those that do, schedule a Pamper Me Package with us and invite all of your friends! Enjoy an evening in with a blowout and styling, makeup, mini massage, and manicure — delicious self-care!

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