There are so many details, you, the bride pours over for the big day, so make your wedding day primping fun and relaxing, beginning with mobile nail services from Londyn Artistry! Nothing is more relaxing than spending the day with your wedding party, mimosa’s in hand, getting ready for the ceremony, in the comfort of your home! Beauty services at home are really one of those trends that will become a staple in the industry.

From your hair to skin care, every part of your beauty regimen is meaningful on your wedding day, but often forgotten are the nails. Don’t be that bride who forgets her nails in all the other hustle and bustle of the day. After all you will be putting a ring on your finger! Read more about bridal nails.

Frolic in polish

Considering your polish choice for the big day is the same as your other beauty rituals: choose what you like, what goes with the theme, and what you are comfortable with. Many nail color lines have specific bridal colors with hues that range from nude and white to bright pink.

The new French

For a new whimsical spin on the classic French manicure, consider swapping the traditional white tip with another color. Brides have been pairing the nude nail color with a glittery gold tip to seal the deal.


If your wedding is more modern, go with a simple look. Creating this look can be a effortless as adding a top coat to your bare nails or swiping a shimmery, translucent shade to your barely-there glitz.

Another modern look that has been trending bridal nails, is slate grey; do this alone or add a geometric shape for an extra modern feel.


A traditional, classic bride has beautiful shades of pink, from a blush pink to a charming muted pink. For classic nail, brush on your favorite shade of light pink polish.

Rock the rock

If you’re more of a rock n’ roll bride where glitz and glamour are more your style, try an accent nail, specifically your ring finger! Begin by painting all of your other fingers one color, and highlight your ring finger with a color that is fun and fancy. Silver glitter is always an excellent choice, but black glitter turns heads!

Almost au naturale

If your rock is a force to be reckoned with and you don’t want to take the spotlight away, opt for an almost bare nail. A top-coat or nail shade that matches your skin tone is an ideal choice to give your ring all the attention.


The bohemian bride has become one of the chicest wedding trends. To style your nails accordingly, have a nail artist paint a floral watercolor scene on your nails. Make sure the lines are flowy and whimsical, like the colors are bleeding into each other. Or, if you’d rather not do floral, do a star constellation in glitter!

Find an expert

If you’re stressing out about doing your nails yourself, make it easy and effortless, by hiring a pro!

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