As a sort of a natural ebb and flow to evolution, we cycle and go through seasons and changes. In the wintertime welcomed with cold temperatures, we hunker down and hibernate. Our lizard brain is telling us to add weight and put on an extra winter layer because food resources dwindle, so eat while you can! It’s also frigid and dreary, so mustering the energy to be active can be tough. And then, spring rolls around! The snow and ice melt and greens surface signaling to us it’s time to come out! As we emerge we feel a little heavier, and the need for shedding the extra winter layer is called for. A lovely spring detox is order — it’s the season of new beginnings!

Do I really need to detox?

The body is a machine. It’s an exquisite high-functioning machine that beautifully and naturally detoxes itself through the liver, kidneys, and lymph. To give your body a spring recharge, you can aid in the detox process with a healthy diet chock full of veggies and whole, unprocessed foods. You can also up your hydration game and drink more water, and add supportive herbs such as dandelion and burdock root. Cilantro is also a great for detox support, so add it salads or in your cooking.

Activity is a great way to get your lymph moving, and sweating helps with natural detoxification as well. Again, your body is designed to eliminate toxins, however, there are small adjustments you can take to get the most of this process!

Massage for detox

Perhaps you’re incorporating a healthier lifestyle for the spring, but you want to kickstart your well-being even further, a good massage will do the trick! Even better, Londyn Artistry provides beauty services at home and that includes mobile massage! But how does massage support the body’s natural detox processes?

A massage can reset things by the pressure strokes provided by the massage therapist. As they knead and manipulate tissues, a pressure is applied to the muscles and stimulates the circulatory system. It works to release the toxins that are embedded within the tissues and is then carried through the lymph to be flushed.

When the circulatory system is affected, as a result, it addresses the lymph. The lymph is extremely important to move and flush out because they carry both toxins and immune cells to your body defend against harmful pathogens. Since the lymph is a larger part of the lymph system and doesn’t have a major structure to keep it moving and flowing, it requires the person through both activity and gravity to keep things functioning.

Not only can massage help your body detox by moving the lymph, but it can also keep you healthy by stimulating immune cells.

Londyn Artistry

At Londyn Artistry, we would love to help you in your spring detoxing! We offer mobile massage so you can rest, relax, and detox in the luxury of your own home. We also offer other beauty services at home such as hair and nails if you want to book an entire spa day!

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